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Friday, 27 June 2008

Welcome to Zenazen!

My name is Zen.

I live in Brighton, UK, and am developing and putting into practice ideas for:

1. a simple spiritual practice developing mind, body and spirit through meditation, movement, touching Earth, and practical steps towards creating steps forward from a primitive fear-driven society.

A practice with no book, course, cult, submission, or any requirement other than a willingness to consider the possibility of The Universe being One Mind experiencing itself through innumerable fragments of Itself, who imagine that they are seperate, so that they can interact together, seeing each other from relative locations.

In other words, All Is One, everything is a mirror, the mirror is an illusion, The One Mind is you - or me - or Itself, depending upon the moment where relative location is currently focused and aware.

Awareness of this process opens doors towards quantum leaps in understanding, both individually and in groups.

In view of the human population graph, and the resultant degradation of Earth, I would suggest that we urgently need to focus our minds, unless we prefer the methods of the fear-based system ( if you do, you are insane ).

2. the creation of a computer-based communications system that develops into a virtual territory that has stepped sideways laterally away from the fear-based world.

( this sideways-stepping lateral movement withdraws energy from a system that is loveless, and cannot, by definition, BE loving. Which is why all involvement with it is based on fear, with forceful compulsion never far removed. Simply by building a love-based new territory outside of fear-based concepts, as it grows, the fear-based territory will wither, and ultimately die ( although you may well experience theatrical performances such as 911 designed to keep you fearful, as it stuggles to continue to feed on fear ).

The territory is to be used as an experimental playground for the development of common unity with a far more effective and responsive democratic mechanism than the fear-based system offers.

For people to live without stress, in growing love and harmony with The Rhythym of Life that the fear-based system has no concept of, it is neccessary to remove all of the prime causes of fear based on fear's time deadlines, in favour of Love's The Moment.

Fear requires a perpetual stream of fearful events designed to keep the people agitated and unhappy, so that winners and losers can continue to oppose each other, and obscure fear as the real cause of unhappiness.

Love, on the other hand, has no sense of time at all, creates spontaneously in the moment, and wherever it is called into being by those whose hearts are open.

If you believe you are loving, but have a boundary beyond which your love does not extend, it is fear, not love.

If you erect defences against the world you observe, you act from fear, exactly as the fear-based ones have taught you.

Only by facing the fear can you remove one-by-one your defences, so that ultimately you become defenceless.

As there is only One Mind, and as all fears are ourself fighting self, projected upon relative locations, the One Mind knows instantly when you have successfully faced a fear.

This experience is ALWAYS a good one that benefits all around you, and it is in this way that forward movement in a developmental sense takes place.

' You cannot change the world - you can only change yourself' is an old adage, but as you change, the One Mind marks your forward movement with a change.

As more people become aware of this very simple, and easily-learnt, technique, the pace of change accelerates, causing the collapse of fear-based concepts within the physical world.

Remember that All Is One, that mirror mirrors mirror, and that underlying fear-based chaos there is Love as the source of life, perfect and unchanging, right to infinity, with echos from each thought observable around you within your vision of life on Earth.


Where to from here?
I moved away from the fear-based system in 2005, walking out of a house-ful of posessions with nothing more than a rucksack and a tent.

I neither work nor claim benefits, and I swore that I would accept nothing ever again from government as it's energy sucks.

I took a tiny amount of cash with me, and have never touched my bank account since.

I said to TOM ( The One Mind ): 'If I am to live, you must provide the means!' because I had realised that were I to continue within the fear-based structures, I would be stuck in a very frustrating rut.

Having been developing love-based concepts since my awakening in 1990, I realised that having TALKED a lot about it, it was time to LIVE it.

I have been through a series of tests, am still alive, am observably healthy and cheerful, and each time I encounter a fearful event, I face that fear if I can, and I find myself moving forward.

If I encounter people whose fear seems to block my approach, I simply withdraw, and 'Stand like a rock; let the waves break!'.

Twice I have been provided with premises in Brighton totally free, and twice I have moved on because although some people are interested, the interest is on a personal 121 level, and there is no group energy as yet.

So I do what I always do - I create an idea, and I put it in a box I create in my mind, and I then leave it to TOM to sort out.

So when I first needed a laptop, I left it to TOM, and within a week I found one complete in its bag, sitting on top of a skip.

I have no money, but I live, and live well, because what I share is appreciated.

Simply by being totally free of fear-based constructs for three years, I see with different eyes.

To advance these ideas further, I ask for the things below:
1. The use of a very private, and preferably fairly large, piece of ground, to use as a garden where city people can come to literally 'touch Earth' and be re-attuned to the ancient rhythym of life. This ground could be a garden, a field, a derelict building site, or anything where it's owner realises immediately that they have stewardship of this land for this energy.

2. The use of a room or building where the source code for this project can be written, and where communication exists via the internet. I am open to the idea of keeping a close eye on someone's property, particularly if they appreciate the kind of energy I bring with me.

3. Beyond this blog, I wish to create a website that explains in detail these concepts, in ways that allow the reader to pick'n'mix their responses so that they are self-empowered towards growth. I have no wish to be 'The Teacher' with a set course, when you merely need a slight jog of memory here and there to begin and continue the rememberance of Who You Are. I ask for a webmaster to oversee this site,for which I can supply programs that maintain it.

4. I wish to create a directory of people, businesses, groups, organisations, recycling, and events within the city that is so comprehensive, and so easy to use and maintain, that people inspired by love use it as their first choice source of information, so that it is the very hub around which the wheel of life revolves. Once large enough, advertising revenue will fund the creation of a common unity free of fear-based government and business, that creates from the heart. Put simply, love creates so that everyone wins, whereas fear means massive industries based on the manipulation, regulation, and control of unpleasant results.

5. I am open to the idea of group energy building, but I have no set ideas on how it might unfold. I have created a box, and handed it to TOM. In the meanwhile, I continue to meet people on a 121 basis who listen, and then go away to process their stuff before returning to ask questions. At some stage I would expect to meet people who have an in-built drive to create something as a vehicle for change, both personally and globally.

6. I would like to meet computer programmers with a deep need to contribute to this process as part of their own development. The core programs are written at DOS level in C using a C++ compiler ( Borland 3.1 ), but a series of windows programs will be needed that could be in any language. The core idea is to use redundant hardware that is free to build such a comprehensive database using simple software widely distributed amongst supporters of the concept, that no commercial operation could possibly compete. However I am open to creative ideas, perhaps where various individuals / teams create different methods, while pooling ideas and resources.

7. I would like to meet a computer programmer who specialises in maths who would enjoy creating a concept with me that would revolutionise banking overnight by removing all fear-based deadlines, and preventing either accidental overdraft charges, or fraud.

8. I would like to meet someone on the spiritual path who is gifted with computer hardware.

That is, I think, enough to be getting on with!
My access to the net is limited, and I prefer to meet face-to-face.

I practice my chi exercises frequently in the Pavilion Gardens, and welcome anyone who wants to talk.

Zen 27 Jun 2008